www.richmondelt.es , (the Website), is a website owned by the company Santillana Educación, S.L.¸ a Spanish Company registered at Avda de los Artesanos nº 6, (28760), Tres Cantos, Madrid (Spain), with Spanish tax code (NIF) B-28119261, registered in the Company's Registry of Madrid in General Volume 9985, folio 213, sheet M-6.201, entry 59, which does business under the registered trade name Richmond, (herein, Richmond).
E-mail: richmondcustomers@santillana.es Telephone: 902350400.
Access, reproduction and use of the Web services requires prior acceptance of the current Terms of Service. Richmond reserves the right to modify the Conditions whenever it deems fit by publishing the new text on the Website. Users should acquaint themselves with the Terms of Service before accessing the products and services on the Website. If you do not agree with, please abstain from using the service.

The website is a work comprising several integrated and inseparable elements (texts, illustrations, photographs, sounds, music, animations, videos, computer programmes, including the html codes of the website, etc.). Richmond owns the copyright over all these elements with the exception of materials obtained under licence from third parties.
Richmond and its licensors retain all Intellectual Property over the Website and its individual components at all times, (whatever the media), bestowing solely the rights of use described below. All rights not expressly bestowed are deemed reserved.
Additionally, Richmond is responsible for selecting and designing the structure and lay-out of the contents of the Website and has taken the initiative and made substantial investments to obtain, digitalise and present these. It is therefore entitled to the protection afforded by article 12 and Chapter II of Book II of the Spanish Intellectual Property Law and is considered a database.
Richmond is also the sole owner of the design and graphic image of the Website, reserving the right to bring legal action against persons who create imitations or make illegal use thereof.
Marks belonging to Richmond and to third parties that appear on the website may not be reproduced or used separately from the places on the website where they appear.

Some sections and/or services of the Website are for public access. In other cases (Richmond mailing list, contact form) in order to gain access or benefit from the advantages, you must first furnish certain information or register using the form provided for the purpose, as required, under the conditions defined in the Privacy clause.
Other than in the aforementioned cases, this is a public access website, and Richmond will gather no information from users. 


The following is permitted:
• You may browse the Website, in other words, you may access and view this on a device. Temporary or accessory reproduction is permitted, provided this is not voluntary and is an integral, essential part of the technological transmission process.
• Permanent reproduction on any type of IT media (with the exception of network servers and equivalent devices) of materials expressly provided for free download on the Website, under the conditions described later on in this clause.
• After registration, you may benefit from the services and advantages provided by Richmond through its Website to its registered users, under the conditions expressly indicated in the different sections.

The authorised options may be performed in the private realm, and copies of the contents of the Website and the products provided for download therein that have been legally obtained may be used solely for your strictly personal and private purposes.
All operations with the Website and its contents, the products downloaded and copies of all of these which are illegal, against public order and morality or the doctrine of good faith are prohibited, particularly:
• Use outside the personal and private realm, for business purposes or professional purposes, including sending advertising or marketing messages and gathering and processing third party data.
• Modification and, in general, any transformation of these, including translation, adaptation, arrangement, or any other, including correction of errors in computer programmes, of which no other versions or derivative programmes may be created.
• Installation and/or use on any networked computer system, even though simultaneous access may not be available to the network users.
• Any type of extraction, public communication and/or transmission of any part, by any means, outside the permissible private area and, specifically, its incorporation in any other work, including websites, collections or databases.
• Removal, distortion or concealment of notices and warnings on Intellectual Property from the Website or from any of the products provided on the Website.
• Operations and activities that are expressly forbidden in other sections of these General Conditions and, generally, any which may hinder the normal functioning of the Website, Richmond, other users or third parties.

The establishment of links to any section of this website is authorised provided that that these do not damage the public image of the Richmond brand, the Website or of any of the people or products to which it makes reference. When establishing links to the Website, the use of techniques that cause confusion regarding the identity and ownership of the contents, such as frames, or others, is strictly prohibited.
The establishment of links from pages or websites whose contents promote or directly or indirectly encourage any type of violence, discrimination, pornography or illegal activity is strictly prohibited. Links for business purposes are also expressly forbidden.
The use of elements extracted from the website to create links is expressly prohibited without prior, express consent from Richmond.
Under no circumstances will links to the Website from third party pages or websites imply a relationship between Richmond and the owners of these, nor will they imply backing, sponsorship or recommendation by Richmond of these, therefore Richmond declines all responsibility for their content and legality.

As a customer or user of the Website you agree to make appropriate use of the content and services (such as downloading materials, chat services, discussion forums and newsgroups) offered. You also undertake not to use the Website to (i) engage in illegal activities that are contrary to good faith and public order , (ii) disseminate racist, xenophobic, pornographic content or propaganda or material to promote terrorism or against human rights , (iii) cause damage to the physical and logical systems of Richmond, its suppliers or third parties, introducing or spreading computer viruses or any other hardware or software capable of causing the aforementioned damage, (iv) disseminate content that undermines the image and reputation of Richmond or third parties (v) infringing Intellectual Property Rights or the image, honour or other rights corresponding to Richmond or third parties.
Richmond reserves the right to take decisions regarding whether or not to publish collaborations or messages on the website, and is entitled to delete these as it sees fit. Richmond reserves the right to publish the content that you supply in a partial, summarised or abbreviated form.
By merely submitting a paper, collaboration or comments to Richmond, you are authorising the inclusion of a complete, condensed, adapted or abbreviated version for publication on the website and assignment to third parties. You also consent to its revision, distribution and public communication, adapted or abbreviated, free of charge or in exchange for consideration, globally, in all languages and in other products it produces. The rights granted may be exercised in print or published (stored on magnetic and optical media) or transmitted and/or distributed in any format.
Inclusion on the Website of elements provided by users does not imply that Richmond endorses, sponsors or recommends these. Richmond therefore waives all responsibility for the contact and its legality.
Infringement of any of the rules contained in these Conditions of Service, particularly those contained in this clause, will entitle Richmond to immediately delete the party involved as a user or subscriber to the Website.

Inclusion on the Website of elements provided by third parties (who are not users) does not imply that Richmond endorses, sponsors or recommends these. Richmond therefore waives all responsibility for the content and its legality.
By giving access to the Website (through links or banners) to pages or websites, information, services, programmes or data belonging to third parties, Richmond does not become the publisher of this content, nor does it accept any direct or subsidiary liability for claims regarding the quality, reliability, accuracy, legality or validity of correctness of these.

Richmond reserves the right to make such modifications as it deems fit to the Website without prior notice. It may change, delete or add to the content and services that it provides through the Website and to the way that these are presented or located.
Although Richmond will make its best efforts to keep the information on the Website up to date and free of errors, it offers no guarantees of its accuracy and currency. Neither does it guarantee that users will obtain any specific results or objectives therefore, access to and use of the Website is the exclusive responsibility of users and clients.
Unless stated expressly to the contrary, transmissions from the website do not take place in a secure environment. Therefore, Richmond does not guarantee that access to the site will be uninterrupted and free or errors. Richmond therefore waives all liability for damages stemming from the use or impossibility to use (including indirect damages, among others, loss of profits, business opportunities, information, etc).

Richmond will take action in response to breaches of these Terms of Service, and any undue use of the Website or of its contents, infringements of its rights or those of its licence holders, particularly intellectual property rights, and will pursue all civil and criminal proceedings available to it under the law.