Music is a six-level primary course designed for primary students learning Music through the medium of English. The course covers all aspects of musical education: language and music theory, musical culture, vocal and instrumental performance, movement, dance and rhythm. It divides content into three main areas: listening, musical performance and dancing. The course provides regular opportunities for students to participate in activities and to give dance and musical performances. 

Key Features

• Provides motivating materials that are tailored to the age of Primary students.

• Contains a systematic programme that deals with all aspects of musical education: language and theory of music, musical culture, active listening activities, vocal and instrumental performance, and moving and dancing activities.

• Provides numerous creative and performance activities, giving students the opportunity to play an active role in their learning process.

• Allows flexibility to adapt the materials according to the number of contact hours, and it includes a variety of reinforcement activities and digital resources.


Student's Book 1 Sample
Student's Book 2 Sample
Student's Book 3 Sample
Student's Book 4 Sample
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Student’s Book
Student’s Audio
Activity Book


Teacher's Book 1 Sample
Teacher's Book 2 Sample
Teacher's Book 3 Sample
Teacher's Book 4 Sample
Teacher's Book 5 Sample
Teacher's Book 6 Sample


Teacher’s Book
Class Audio
Curricular documents

Digital Teaching

Richmond understands the speed at which digital teaching is evolving and aims to offer solutions for use across a variety of situations. From materials for teachers and schools taking their first steps into the digital world to more sophisticated products and services, we offer a range of digital solutions to suit your needs.



LibroMedia is Richmond-Santillana’s digital textbook. It includes interactive content to go with each unit, and can be used without an Internet connection. Libromedia is available for different devices (PC, Interactive Whiteboard, iPad, Android tablets, etc.). 

Music Teacher’s LibroMedia includes reproductions of the Student’s Book pages, as well as videos, animations, karaoke tracks, all the recordings on the Student's Audio CD, the recordings of all the texts in the Student's Book, interactive activities, a glossary, an empty stave to write scores on and print out, and photo galleries.