Top Natural Science

Top Natural Science is a six-level course for primary school students that teaches Natural Science through the medium of English. This flexible course consists of 42 modules divided into six levels, meaning teachers can teach all of the Natural Science subject in English, or use individual modules as supplementary material.

Practice activities are designed to focus on both the science content and the language and special attention has been paid to the sequencing of the contents, the grading of the level of English and the clarity of the illustrations and visual explanations. 

Key Features

Modular structure allows you to create the course you need for your particular teaching context

Key themes and concepts are conveyed through high-quality texts and illustrations

Modules can be used as consolidation or extension depending on the needs of each group

• The entire suite of Top Science Teacher’s Resources can be used with these modules


Student's Book
  • Highly practical, simple, manageable and functional materials.
  • 42 modules divided into six levels.

TEACHER'S RESOURCES (available in digital format in e-vocación)

Teacher’s Book
Class Audio CD
Teacher’s Resource Book