Biology and Geology

Biology and Geology  follows the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach which enables students to acquire key academic competences while at the same time developing their language skills. To achieve this goal, Biology and Geology  integrates a learner-centred methodology in which students take an active role by asking questions, doing research, developing projects, etc.

In addition, these activities allow students to develop real-life competences such as critical thinking and problem-solving skills by focusing on cooperative learning linked to service to the community and social commitment. This variety turns the classroom into a starting point for experiences that are enriching and meaningful for the student.

The Student’s Book  has sections that reinforce skills such as interactive speaking, reading comprehension, writing and projects. The Teacher’s Book offers worksheets that reinforce key vocabulary and concepts and others that extend understanding and develop research and presentation skills.

Selected activities in the Student’s Book and the Teacher’s Book call for the use of technology: Internet searches using key words, slide presentations, etc.

Continuous, formative assessment enables the teacher to detect difficulties that students may be experiencing and select appropriate solutions. Learners are given many opportunities to develop competences. Activities that are especially relevant for a specific competence are labelled with the corresponding icon.


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Student's Book

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Teacher's Book
Class Audio

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Richmond understands the speed at which digital teaching is evolving and aims to offer solutions for use across a variety of situations. From materials for teachers and schools taking their first steps into the digital world to more sophisticated products and services, we offer a range of digital solutions to suit your needs.


LibroMedia is much more than a digital version of the Student's Book.                                                 It provides a wealth of material in a variety of formats: images, videos, audio files and PowerPoint-style presentations.

  • Class presentations. Prior to work with the printed Student's Book, the LibroMedia can be used as a digital whiteboard to project a unit's opening presentation to the whole class.

  • Autonomous learning. The students have their own version of the LibroMedia, thus linking the classroom and home environments. They can use the LibroMedia on their tablets and computers to check their answers, do homework, revise, etc.