Digital CLIL is a collection of material that teaches the common syllabus objectives in Technology, Music and Science to secondary-school students. Students develop and consolidate their knowledge of these subjects, as well as researching topics on the internet.

The Digital CLIL centres on a specific area developed over three three-month periods. Each quarter, students focus on related themes, providing them with the opportunity to increase their knowledge on different topics throughout the year. Each level opens by introducing basic grammatical structures and increases in difficulty over the three-month period. Teachers are however able to decide upon the order which best suits their classroom needs.

The Digital CLIL suggests the following for each three-month period:

  • A ready-to-print Factsheet available on each theme.
  • Two ready-to-print Worksheets available on each theme and for use in conjunction with the Factsheet.
  • Complementary notes for teachers with suggestions for using the sheets.
  • A Webquest and a list of web pages linked for consulting.
  • A Webquest for teachers with notes, answers and extra activities.