AUTHORS: Robert Campbell, Gill Holley, Rob Metcalf, Gerard McLoughlin

Richmond Fast Track is a dynamic four-level Secondary course. The course thoroughly integrates practice of the four skills - reading, listening, speaking and writing - with work on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

Language is presented through interesting topics. This is followed by practice, which begins with meaningful, controlled exercises and gradually develops into freer, personalised actiivities. 

Richmond Fast Track also contains:

  • Rich language input through interesting reading texts and listening activities
  • Clear speaking and writing models for students to produce their own work
  • A variety of both print and online material via the Richmond Secondary Website
  • A downloadable Portfolio for students to record their progress and compile examples of their work according to the CEFR guidelines
  • Resource material for mixed-ability classrooms in the Teacher's Resource Book

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Student's Book 1
Student's Book 2
Student's Book 3
Student's Book 4


Student’s Book
  • Welcome unit + 9 main units
  • Unit and term reviews
  • Self-check per unit
  • Grammar reference
  • Word list
  • Speaking section
  • Irregular verbs list
  • Phonetic chart


Teacher's Book 1 Sample
Teacher's Book 2 Sample
Teacher's Book 3 Sample
Teacher's Book 4 Sample


Teacher’s Book
Teacher’s Resource Book
Teacher's Audio Material

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Teacher's i-book
  • All the teaching materials cross-referenced into one single format for use with IWB or projector.
  • Extra interactive practice
  • Competition games
  • i-posters
Richmond Secondary Website

For the student

  • Workbook Audio
  • Fun interactive games
  • Pronunciation activities
  • CLIL section
  • Web Discovery activities
  • Learning Links
  • Portfolio
  • Progress report

For the teacher

  • Worksheet Generator – allows the creation of your own personalized worksheets from the Teacher’s Resource Book
  • Game Generator – allows you to create your own Competition games
  • My Webpage – a private place for you and your students to work online
  • Extra IWB Activities for the classroom
  • Tips on how to teach English using technology
  • Downloadable material