AUTHOR: Paul Seligson

English ID is an innovative four-level English course for young adult learners. With an amazing design, lots of interesting topics and opportunities for personalisation in all four levels, English ID will allow your students to progress faster and be able to express their own ideas and personalities in English.

This language-friendly series takes learners from A1 to B1 CEFR levels through rich contexts, careful selection and presentation of useful new language, informative language tips, insights, step-by-step rules, practice and, above all, personalisation to help students build their own identity in English. Hence the title English ID

All About Communication

The first thing you will see (or won’t see) in English ID is there are no “Speaking” sections. That’s because speaking takes place in every activity.

All About Language

Building new language fast is essential for learners to communicate fluently and with confidence. With English ID they can do this in many different ways.

Look Who’s Talking!

Pronunciation can be the hardest challenge to address. English ID includes a system that really helps students to develop this skill.

Get it Right!

The strong focus of English ID is to build fluency and communicative skills. However, students also get the resources they need to develop impressive accuracy.

Take Control!

From videos to authentic reading passages that are also recorded for extra listening practice, English ID is packed full of material that will involve your students and develop their skills.

All the skills work is organised so you can decide what to do in class and what to set as homework.


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Student's Book
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Richmond understands the speed at which digital teaching is evolving and aims to offer solutions for use across a variety of situations. From materials for teachers and schools taking their first steps into the digital world to more sophisticated products and services, we offer a range of digital solutions to suit your needs.




The English ID Online Learning Platform is an amazing blended learning tool that has been developed in parallel with the series. It combines the best of formal and informal learning to extend, review and test learning in the core lessons.

The Online Learning Platform is organised into three sections:

1) English ID Portal

The portal contains useful information for teachers, including:

  • Wordlists
  • Transcripts
  • Teaching Resources

There's also an area for students, which offers:

  • Access to the ID Café video series
  • Original videos, including comedy, real-world events and celebrity interviews
  • Additional resources, such as reference lists, to further improve learning
  • Breaking daily news with activities

2) English ID Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

The VLE comes pre-populated with English activities. You can assign these to your students when you feel they are appropriate or let them do the activities when they wish. You can also create and add your own activities to support your teaching program and the specific needs of your students.

3) English ID Test Studio

In the Test Studio you can find unit tests for Reading, Listening, Grammar and Vocabulary, plus review tests, end-of-term tests and whole-book tests.

Each test can be uploaded to the VLE (or your own Learning Management System), or printed if you need to hand them out in person.

Learn morehttp://www.richmondenglishid.com


The Digital Book is a complete digital version of the Student's Book, Workbook, Teacher's Book and audio for use with IWBs or data projectors.