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About us

Richmond is a market-leading publisher of high-quality English language teaching material and forms part of Sanoma Learning, an educational company that has supported over 20 million students with inclusive, holistic learning solutions, across 11 European countries and for over 22 years. Founded in 1992, we proudly champion the English language and support those who teach and learn it by offering the latest in product design and classroom methodology.

Richmond and Sanoma Learning are also wholeheartedly comitted to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in particular those that refer to Quality Education and Partnership for the Goals.

Our mission is to help all students fulfill their potential. How?

By working with teachers to create high-quality and motivating learning materials that truly make the most out of local curriculum.

By promoting equal access to education.

By developing highly inclusive learning solutions that support diversity and personalisation.

We believe that inclusive learning means reaching out
to support every child in order to help mould responsible citizens
who will change the future for themselves and for coming generations.

What makes us unique

We turn language learners into global citizens.

In an increasingly interconnected world, we strive to inspire learners to move beyond basic communication and learn to question, consider, and reformulate ideas as active members of the global community. We give you the tools to help your students stand out from the crowd and take advantage of the world of opportunities that English can provide.

We keep teachers in mind, all the time.

Our creative process is one of constant innovation and collaboration with the people who know the realities of today’s classroom better than anyone else: teachers like you. Our comprehensive range of print and digital materials is designed to offer the right solution for you, whatever your classroom style or teaching context.

We are responsive and focused on innovation.

We didn’t just adapt to the digital age; we were part of it all along. Established in one of the fastest moving periods of technological development ever seen, change is second nature to us, just as it is to each new generation of learners. Continual revision of our products and reflection on best practices allow us to deliver bold digital solutions of the most relevance to today’s learning environment.

Many thanks for letting us accompany you on your teaching journey!

Educational services

The Teacher’s Club

As a way of thanking you for choosing to teach English with Richmond materials, our Teacher’s Club gives you access to an exclusive hub where you’ll find a wealth of teaching resources, news from the world of ELT, training opportunities, classroom materials and much, much more.

Academic Consultancy

Get the best out of Richmond ELT material and give the most engaging, effective classes you can with the help of our Academic Consultancy Service. Extensive experience supporting working teachers places our experts in an ideal position to resolve whatever doubt or query you might have and by listening to your suggestions on how to make our teaching and learning material even better, we make sure we have our finger on the pulse.

Professional Development

We love English and wholeheartedly support everyone committed to teaching and learning it. By offering high-quality training in the latest classroom methodologies, our Professional Development Service ensures you have constant access to interesting courses and online events, wherever you are in Spain.

International Qualifications

Certified by a variety of international exam boards, including Cambridge English exams, Trinity College London and TOEFL, Richmond’s Exam Preparation Service helps you assess the characteristics and acceptance of the options on offer so that you can choose the most appropriate exam for your students and give them the high-quality preparation they deserve.