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New Hooray! Let’s Play!

Key Features

1. Flexibility
New Hooray! Let’s Play! is innovative and flexible, and its components can be combined to suit the teacher, according to the best fit for each teaching style, class profile, objectives, or the number of sessions. There are three possible combinations: the full solution, with the Student Book plus the Activities and Projects book; or the Student Book by itself; or the Activities and Projects as a stand-alone tool.
2. Fully oral project
It attends requests from teachers who prefer focusing the English learning on an oral approach, so it does not interfere in the process of literacy of children’s mother tongue. New Hooray! Let’s play! was designed to provide a fully oral project, of medium or high linguistic level, with no literacy. However, if a teacher does choose to work with letters, there is also complementary material.
3. Learning through play
Children are encouraged to enjoy themselves and have fun. Through stimulating activities, they keep their motivation and curiosity about the new language. New Hooray! Let’s play! also brings playful features for the students, such as a website with interactive resources that will continue the process of learning at home, while promoting pleasant moments for the families.
4. Value-based stories
Four delightful animal characters encourage an open and inclusive and positive attitude towards other people and cultures and underline key social values, such as friendship and helping one another.
5. Social, emotional, and spatial skills
New Hooray! Let’s play! inspires children to work together, to play, to resolve problems, and reproduce actions and key language. It will develop essential abilities, such as self-esteem, confidence, and mental strength.
6. Core thinking skills
With a unique multisensory approach, using as many senses as possible, it gives children the chance to explore, discover and enjoy. This kind of systematic experience contributes to improve neural connections and, therefore, develop their core thinking skills.

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