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October 29th
 by Russell Stannard
The most effective technology for online assessment
Classroom Ideas / Digital Teaching / Teaching Materials /

This blog presents ideas on how you can assess your students in face-to-face and/or digital learning environments. We may not be aware of how much information we receive from our students when we are physically with them, but these subconscious or semi-conscious formative assessments are lost the minute we see our students through a computer screen. There are ways to compensate for this loss, and this blog will give you concrete tools that will help you to realise effective evaluations of your students' progress.

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October 15th
 by Donna Lee Fields
How to make the most of direct time with your students
Classroom Ideas / Digital Teaching / Primary / Teaching Materials /

This blog presents ideas on how you can redistribute the materials you give in either face-to-face or online classes to take more advantage of synchronous classes with your students. Assigning lower-level thinking activities outside of class is beneficial to everyone, as during synchronous classes your students are more prepared to participate in higher-level cognitive activities, and your lessons on the whole become more meaningful.

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October 1st
 by Donna Lee Fields
Importance of routines, norms and consequences for online and
face-to-face classes
Classroom Ideas / Teaching Methodology / Digital Teaching /

This blog examines the importance of routines, norms and consequences in creating strong learning environments. With these essential educational elements, students feel supported and secure and are able to learn more deeply and fluidly.

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July 20th
 by Donna Lee Fields
How the growth mindset works and why it is so powerful
Classroom Ideas / Teaching Methodology / Digital Teaching /

Why are the positive or negative messages we repeat to ourselves so powerful? In this blog, we’ll consider concrete ways to reprogram our beliefs in our own potential and that of our students. We’ll see how science illustrates exactly how we can achieve virtually anything we want through effort and determination.

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July 6th
 by Russell Stannard
In uncertain times, publishers' platforms could be the answer
Classroom Ideas / Digital Teaching /

Finding ways to teach an effective class online can be challenging. In this blog, you’ll find the solutions that Russell Stannard, an expert in the field of educational technology, recommends, to save you time and unneeded work in preparing your lessons. He explains the difference between using generic platforms and the ones Richmond has already created. See if this could be your answer! 

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