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December 11th
 by Nick Franklin
Keep it Real, with Realia
Classroom Ideas / Teaching Methodology / Teaching Materials /

Every now and again it's good to be reminded of classroom tools that stand the test of time yet have maybe fallen into disuse in your teaching. Realia are one such tool. Rediscover the power of using objects in the classroom with Nick Franklin!

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September 19th
 by Katherine Bilsborough
Back to school: Four learner-generated classroom resources to use this year
Classroom Ideas / Teaching Methodology / Teaching Materials /

Maximum engagement in class is achieved when your students are involved in creating their own class resources. Here are 4 ideas to keep them engaged and improving all year long.

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May 5th
 by Karen McGhie
Put a SMILE on Their Faces!
Teaching Materials /

In this post, Karen McGhie explains how to make Herbert Puchta’s SMILE Approach come to life in the Very Young Learners’ classroom.

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April 21st
 by Harry Waters
How to Get the Most Out of the SDGs in ELT
Teaching Materials /

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SGGs) bring together and highlight a number of social justice issues and provide goals, targets and solutions to improve these issues. The 17 SDGs also provide an excellent framework for educators to help learners become aware of important issues across the globe and help us provide them with the tools to alleviate those issues. To find out practical ways to do this, read on.

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April 7th
 by Katherine Bilsborough
Using Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) to bring sustainability onto the classroom
Classroom Ideas / Teaching Methodology / Teaching Materials /

CLT (Communicative Language Teaching) is a teaching approach in which interaction is both the means of study and the fundamental objective of study. The teacher’s task is to help the learners develop their communicative competences

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January 27th
 by Donna Lee Fields
How Music Stimulates Critical Thinking
Classroom Ideas / Teaching Methodology / Teaching Materials /

The effect listening to music has on the brain, and the problem-solving methods often used in studying music, both stimulate neuronal areas that generate deep, divergent, lateral thinking. In this post, we’ll clarify the nature of music as a learning tool, explore the different ways music converts us into expansive (as opposed to vertical) thinkers, and present techniques you can use to generate flexible thinking in your students.

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