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Thought-provoking articles and classroom ideas for English teachers who never stop learning.

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April 30th
 by Alexa Doman
Empowerment Through Autonomy
Classroom Ideas / Professional Development /

Take a deep dive into the transformative effects of independent learning. These practical, easy-to-implement ideas will help you help your students develop lifelong learning skills and encourage them to take ownership of their learning journey. 

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April 2nd
 by Alexa Doman
Classroom Expectations Refresher - For your students and yourself
Classroom Ideas / Metacognitive Training /

Students misbehaving, homework not being completed or handed in late, spending too long preparing classes and marking; what could they all have in common? Perhaps one contributing factor is a lack of well-communicated and enforced rules. 

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March 1st
 by Chris Roland
Fresh ways to help our teens write better
Classroom Ideas / Teaching Methodology /

This month on the blog, Chris Roland shares some pointers for motivating students to improve their writing. With a few straightforward steps, you'll have your students engaged in the writing process in no time. 

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February 1st
 by Nathan Whittle
Motivating Students Through Culture
Classroom Ideas / Teaching Methodology /

Often it is culture which first attracts students to learning a language. Students often enjoy travelling to different countries, reading foreign books or watching foreign films and series. Teaching about culture can be key to engaging your students and helping them to make progress. In his latest post, Nathan Whittle explains how to maximise this opportunity.

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December 11th
 by Nick Franklin
Keep it Real, with Realia
Classroom Ideas / Teaching Methodology / Teaching Materials /

Every now and again it's good to be reminded of classroom tools that stand the test of time yet have maybe fallen into disuse in your teaching. Realia are one such tool. Rediscover the power of using objects in the classroom with Nick Franklin!

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November 2nd
 by Lindsay Clandfield
The Art of Giving Instructions: Part 3
Teaching Methodology /

In his third and final blog post on this topic, Lindsay Clandfield switches his focus to your students. How can we teach them to give good instructions? Featuring 5 great activities to try in class.

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