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May 5th
 by Karen McGhie
Put a SMILE on Their Faces!
Teaching Materials /

In this post, Karen McGhie explains how to make Herbert Puchta’s SMILE Approach come to life in the Very Young Learners’ classroom.

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April 21st
 by Harry Waters
How to Get the Most Out of the SDGs in ELT
Teaching Materials /

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SGGs) bring together and highlight a number of social justice issues and provide goals, targets and solutions to improve these issues. The 17 SDGs also provide an excellent framework for educators to help learners become aware of important issues across the globe and help us provide them with the tools to alleviate those issues. To find out practical ways to do this, read on.

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April 7th
 by Katherine Bilsborough
Using Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) to bring sustainability onto the classroom
Classroom Ideas / Teaching Methodology / Teaching Materials /

CLT (Communicative Language Teaching) is a teaching approach in which interaction is both the means of study and the fundamental objective of study. The teacher’s task is to help the learners develop their communicative competences

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March 24th
 by Donna Lee Fields
Movement as a Means of Improving Long-Term Memory
Classroom Ideas / Teaching Methodology / Professional Development /

In this post, we’ll explore the connection between movement and long-term memory. As mammals, we began learning through movement soon after the time of conception, by joggling around in our mother’s wombs. For young learners, physical activity is widely considered to be the norm in learning and studies show how powerful movement is in the assimilation and retention of information for learners of all ages. So, let’s find out how stimulating the cerebral hippocampus with movement results in long-term memory.

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March 10th
 by Katherine Bilsborough
Using a Task-based Learning approach to bring sustainability onto the classroom.
Classroom Ideas / Teaching Methodology /

Firstly, just what is Task Based Learning?

In traditional approaches to teaching, lessons are designed with the language as the primary focus. Teachers follow a syllabus that lists the grammar and vocabulary to be taught and they use materials that are designed specifically with this language in mind.

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February 24th
 by Emma Heyderman
Five Simple Ways to Supercharge your CPD

Language teaching is wonderful. We get to make an impact on our students’ lives, spark  their curiosity, and celebrate success with them. But there are also frustrating moments, moments when our motivation dips  and it’s just at this point when we need to shift our focus back on ourselves. With this in very much in mind, we thought we’d share five super easy CPD tips which may just give you the boost  you need.

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