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February 10th
 by Doqua
The LOMLOE and the foreign language curriculum in Primary: what changes are on their way?

The imminent introduction of the LOMLOE has us all wondering what effects the new law will have on our English teaching. In this post we help you to make sense of the terminology used in the LOMLOE, attempt to estimate the impact the new law will actually have on your day-to-day teaching practice, despite the new curricula still being unavailable, and discover that one thing will never change: the need for great, innovative, and effective English Language Teachers.

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January 27th
 by Donna Lee Fields
How Music Stimulates Critical Thinking
Classroom Ideas / Teaching Methodology / Teaching Materials /

The effect listening to music has on the brain, and the problem-solving methods often used in studying music, both stimulate neuronal areas that generate deep, divergent, lateral thinking. In this post, we’ll clarify the nature of music as a learning tool, explore the different ways music converts us into expansive (as opposed to vertical) thinkers, and present techniques you can use to generate flexible thinking in your students.

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January 13th
 by Katherine Bilsborough
Using an inquiry-based learning approach to bring sustainability into the classroom.
Classroom Ideas / Teaching Methodology /

IBL (Inquiry-based learning) has existed in different forms for centuries. In IBL, the teacher places much of the responsibility for the learning on the learners themselves, inviting them to ask questions, guiding them to find out the answers and encouraging them to delve deeper and find out more. Many teachers use an inquiry-based learning approach to boost student engagement. 

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November 11th
 by Donna Lee Fields
The Importance of Multiculturalism in the Curriculum

The effects of multiculturalism are both overt and hidden and sometimes even difficult to cope with. To help our students to be able to function effectively in this globalised environment, as educators we need to encourage our students to expand their tolerance for diversity, to think critically about basic and more sophisticated political issues, and to dare to explore human rights that surpass borders. But how?

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October 21st
 by Donna Lee Fields
How Interdisciplinary Projects Promote Critical Thinking
Classroom Ideas / Teaching Methodology /

Is it natural to separate disciplines (subjects)? It is helpful? Wouldn’t mixing disciplines help students to assimilate information more deeply? If we are concerned about promoting critical thinking in our lessons, surely interdisciplinary projects would promote this dynamic more integrally? Let’s look at the history, objectives and some examples of interdisciplinary projects and see if we can answer these questions.

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October 7th
 by Nick Franklin
Right from the start
Classroom Ideas / Teaching Methodology /

When students aren’t motivated at the beginning of a class, it can be hard to grab their attention. Here, we give you some ideas on how to engage your students every time, right from the start.

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